How to defeat Cinderace Raid in Pokémon?

How to defeat Cinderace Raid in Pokémon?

The world of Pokémon is teeming with powerful creatures, and one formidable opponent that trainers often find challenging is Cinderace. Defeating Cinderace in a raid requires strategic planning, a well-rounded team, and a deep understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Cinderace raid, providing you with valuable tips and strategies to emerge victorious in this intense battle.

Understanding Cinderace’s Weaknesses

Before diving into battle, it’s crucial to understand Cinderace’s weaknesses. Cinderace is a Fire-type Pokémon, which means it is vulnerable to Water, Ground, and Rock-type moves. Tailoring your team with Pokémon that possess these move types will give you a significant advantage in the raid.

Building a Strong Team

To defeat Cinderace, assembling a team with a diverse set of Pokémon is key. Consider including Water-type Pokémon such as Gyarados, Ground-type Pokémon like Garchomp, and Rock-type Pokémon such as Tyranitar. Additionally, ensure that your team is well-leveled and has a mix of fast and charged moves to maximize damage output.

Leverage Cinderace’s Weaknesses

During the raid, capitalize on Cinderace’s weaknesses by using Water-type moves like Hydro Pump or Surf, Ground-type moves such as Earthquake, and Rock-type moves like Stone Edge. These moves will deal super-effective damage and help you chip away at Cinderace’s formidable HP.

Optimize your Pokémon’s Moveset

Each Pokémon has a variety of moves at its disposal, and selecting the right moveset is crucial for success in the Cinderace raid. Prioritize moves that exploit Cinderace’s weaknesses while ensuring your Pokémon can withstand its attacks. Experiment with different combinations to find the optimal moveset for your team.

Utilizing Type Advantage

In addition to exploiting Cinderace’s weaknesses, understanding type advantages can further enhance your chances of victory. Water-type moves are not only super-effective against Cinderace but also resist its Fire-type moves. Ground-type Pokémon resist Cinderace’s Fire-type attacks, providing an additional layer of defense. Strategically leveraging type advantages will give you a tactical edge in the raid.

Dodging and Timing

Mastering the art of dodging and timing is crucial in the Cinderace raid. Cinderace’s attacks can be powerful, so knowing when to dodge and when to unleash your own moves is essential. Practice the timing of your dodges to minimize damage taken and maximize your Pokémon’s longevity in battle.

Raiding with a Team

Cinderace raids are often more manageable when tackled with a group of fellow trainers. Coordinate with your teammates to ensure a diverse team composition that covers Cinderace’s weaknesses. Communication is key during the raid, allowing you to strategize, coordinate moves, and provide support when needed.

Maximize Raid Bonuses

Participating in raids not only provides an opportunity to catch powerful Pokémon but also offers valuable rewards. To maximize raid bonuses, use a Raid Pass to access exclusive rewards and increase your chances of obtaining rare items. Additionally, participating in raids with friends can unlock Friendship bonuses, providing even greater rewards.

Strengthening your Pokémon

To enhance your chances of defeating Cinderace, invest in strengthening your Pokémon. Power up your team members, unlock additional charged moves, and consider using TMs to optimize their movesets. A well-prepared and highly leveled team is essential for overcoming the challenges posed by the Cinderace raid.


Successfully defeating Cinderace in a raid requires a combination of strategic planning, a well-constructed team, and an understanding of its weaknesses. By building a diverse team, exploiting Cinderace’s vulnerabilities, and mastering dodging and timing, you can emerge victorious in this challenging battle. Remember to coordinate with fellow trainers, maximize raid bonuses, and continually strengthen your Pokémon to increase your chances of success. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the Cinderace raid and adding this formidable Pokémon to your collection.

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